Euphoria Resort

The Euphoria Resort, a 5-star All Inclusive Resort, with a capacity of 700 beds, is situated in Skoutelonas village, Chania, Greece. Since the hotel is built in a village that carries the Cretan tradition, the design team sought references in the local architecture and selected lines and materials that reflect the architectural features of the city of Chania, combined with contemporary elements. The forms are inspired by the old Venetian town and harbor of Chania and an attempt was made to implement them in a modern way. The architectural elements refer to the Venetian dockyards with their characteristic domes and triangular ends of the facades, as well as the Venetian wall with its monumental facade. In the inner part of the plot emphasis is placed to the beach-entry outdoor swimming pool, which is positioned in such a way that it creates visual continuity with the sea and the sense that the sea extends into the hotel complex. Aiming at an energy efficient (A+) and high-performance building, renewable energy has been used and measures have been applied to reduce energy consumption. The hotel was awarded in 2018 as the best City Style Hotel in the 5th architectural competition 100% Hotel Design Awards, while it was in the top 3 in the all-day restaurant and lobby/foyer/reception categories. It also received the Bronze award in the Architecture, Building and Structure Design category, at the 2018-2019 A’ Design Awards.