Residence in Halepa

Α modern house of 400,78 sq.m., in the area of Chalepa, in the Municipality of Chania.  Due to the intense morphology of the land, the house has been developed in 3 levels, following the inclination of the ground. On the upper level, there is the entrance to the property as well as to the house. On this level, the common areas of the house are developed, with transversal openings and exits to both the garden on the eastern side and the terrace on the western side. The exit to the garden is through a canopy-bridge, as in this part a configuration is created for the ventilation and lighting of the spaces on level 2.  The house has a swimming pool outside, facing east-west, aligned with the northern boundary of the plot. Due to the gradient of the terrain and the adjustment of the building to it, a large part of the terrace and the swimming pool is created on the west side at the roof of the level.