Consulting Engineering Services


Our architectural team provides a full range of services including architectural design, interior design, landscape design, 3D modeling, computer renderings, and virtual video tours of your project prior to construction. We strive to provide a level of services that exceed our client’s expectations.


Our buildings may be aesthetically impressive, beautiful, and functional, but they are also designed to protect users
and their property, while fully complying to all applicable regulations. Our experienced engineering team is
accustomed to overcoming design challenges and accommodating needs and desires that our clients request, by
applying state-of-the-art engineering solutions. Engineering services provided in house by by MM Group include:


•      Design of Structures
•      Design of Civil works
•      Mechanical Engineering Services
•      Electrical Engineering Services
•      Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
•      Plumbing and services
•      Telecommunications and systems engineering
•      Geotechnical and foundations
•      Environmental design
•      System’s Integration

Project Management

With a dedicated Project Management team multiple concurrent projects are guided to ensure timely and quality completion. Additional services include obtaining all the required permits, coordination of the various sub-contractors, construction inspection, system operations testing, arranging for public utility connections and permit closure as well as Post Construction Award Services (PCAS) for the U.S. Government projects.

Design of military and civilian buildings

MM Group specializes in the design of military infrastructure, including buildings, runways, ports, roadways, pipelines and other projects while accounting for Force Protection requirements, access restrictions, offset requirements as well as blast analysis from conventional weapons utilized by terrorist groups.

Sustainable Design and Specialized Methods for Buildings

Every building starts at a different point on the sustainability journey – this creates unique sets of efficiency challenges and opportunities. MM Group design team emphasizes on Sustainable Design and the “Integrated Design” process and ensures that goals are met through set and tested Quality Control Practices. The teams of all Management, Engineering and QC disciplines are in full cooperation from the beginning of each project, ensuring that this is considered from the initial stage and throughout the design process.

Modern Security and SMART Systems

Designed for both Military and Civilian Applications, some of these modern security systems include but are not limited to CCTV.  Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection, Mass Notification, Fiber Optic backbone and SMART systems also including, bringing the notion of a “smart” building from science fiction to reality.

Building Information Modeling
We turn to Building Information Modeling (BIM) to make better design decisions, improve building performance, and collaborate more effectively throughout the lifecycle of the project as it connects, organizes, and optimizes projects in all stages. BIM supports architects throughout the design by gaining more insights early in the process in order to meet clients requirements and to deliver projects with improved quality and efficiency. As a result, BIM helps make projects more successful for everyone and creates more possibilities for interesting and ambitious designs on a wider range of projects.